Thursday, 16 December 2010

What is suspense?

Suspense is an emotional process, whereby the audience undergo a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety and expect certain outcomes of events. Suspense in a movie is created through adding tension and anticipation into an atmosphere. Suspense in a thriller film is crucial, as it attracts the audience and keeps them interested. If I wish to do they same with my audience in my opening title sequence I must create successful suspense.

Definition of 'suspense'

Suspense is when tension is created through the knowledge of the audience. As the viewers already know the outcome of a movie, suspense is what keeps them wondering how they got from A to B. It is the build up before something exciting happens that keeps the audience guessing at the edge of their seats.
Suspense is excitement or anticipation that normally requires an outcome.  It also normally creates tension, keeps the audience questioning themselves and guessing what is going to happen next, draws the audience in and most importantly keeps them interested.  Most thriller films create this to keep the audience at the edge of their seat.. literally!  I know that my film must contain this as it's a vital thing!

What Defines suspense?!

The shock you get when your heart sinks in an intense scene, a scene that doesn't add up.

Suspense draws you the audience in. It helps to build anticipation and tension for the coming shots. It is used to maintain the interest of the audience and captivate their emotions.