Sunday, 9 January 2011

Analysing Thriller Clips for genre: Momento

  In the opening title sequence of the film "Momento", it starts with silence. Visually, all that is seen is the company on a black background. The use of the black background could connote that the film will be dark and have a serious tone to the plot. Thrillers tend to have a serious undertone to their story-lines. Therefore by the use of a dark background you can suggest the mood of the film.
After 30 seconds or so, the non-diegetic soundtrack starts to fade in very slowly. Due to the dark and slow manner of the soundtrack, the audience is in the perspective that the film will be solemn and tense. Which is a key quality in the thriller genres. Althought this is a thriller, it is doubted to be a action-thriller because of the tempo of the track and dark demeanour. Therefore, through sound the viewers can suggest that that the genre of the film is a thriller. 

In contrast of dark background and solemn soundtrack, the colour of the titles are light blue. The connotations for the colour blue is peace and tranquillity. This contradicts a thought of the film being a thriller because a thriller has many turbulent twists in its plot. Therefore, the element of uncertainty could create a suggestion that this is possibly a thriller.

The camera is in the point of view of the character. Therefore we do not see his face and don't know what kind of judgement we can make about this character. The camera is fixated on the characters hand which is holding a photograph of a room which is drenched in what we think is blood. This raises a few questions in a viewers head to why this character has a picture of this bloody-scene? Many thrillers include a murder so this could foreshadow what may happen in the film. Due to the the little information we get from the opening titles, the sub-genre could be psychological which could make you think more.
The camera then switched to a different position where we are able to view the characters torso and him with the photo in his hand. Through editing, the footage is rewound revealing what he (the character) did before taking the picture. The camera then cuts to the blood on the wall, the bullet on the floor, the glasses, the body on the floor before revealing who killed this guy. Each cut had a rhythm which flowed, allowing the audience to get used to one idea what happened then making them change their minds quickly by revealing another aspect of the room. The footage almost deceives the audience. In addition the use of blood and the bullet in the scene meant that someone had been killed which fits the criteria of a thriller.

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