Monday, 31 January 2011

Animatic jelly babies storyboard analysis

     In today's lesson, me and my group had to construct an animatic storyboard using jelly babies, which will then be our guide in the following lesson, for filming a short scene.  The scene had to be of two people meeting in a room and one sitting down.  Of course this had to be done in a 'thriller' type of way.
     When I first heard about the jellybabies, I assumed that we would be filming the actual footage with them, so this started to make me worry abit.  However, Benard then made it clear that they were only being used for the anamatic story board.  I was taking the pictures of the jellybabies and my group made sure I got as many shots as possible.  Today was much better than constructing our storyboard about the card swap, as I think my group understood our mistakes from last time and are improving as time draws closer to making our actual opening.  As shown in the picture above, we decided to use jellybabies with faces drawn on them, just to add a little bit of life to the storyboard.  We used the yellow one, and the maroon-coloured one on the left side of it.
     When we had all our shots, we headed over to the pc suite to export them onto final cut pro.  Me and my group struggled abit with getting all the pictures into the timeline at once, but eventually got there in the end.  Each picture had a duration of ten seconds and we decided this was way too long so we cut it down to four seconds per picture.  When we played the whole sequence, it turned out that four seconds was better, but it was still too long, so we decided to try two seconds per picture.  We played the whole sequence again and two seconds seemed fine although it was suggested we should try one second per picture.
     One thing we could improve on next time is constructing the dialogue as we will be needing it next lesson.  I think doing this today would of just saved time, but other than that I think everything else went well.  My group worked really quick today and produced a good amount of work.  

Our story board is on the blog below


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