Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Art of the Title Sequence: Catch Me If You Can

The storyboard of the opening title sequence for Catch Me If You Can
 In this lesson we went on, a website that allowed me to browse through many different successful movie opening title sequences. One title sequence that stuck out to me was ‘Catch Me If You Can’ whose creative directors were Kuntzel and Deygas.

The style of the titles is in a form of animation and connects itself by a line from one or some letters to the animation of the background. The titles say the name of the movie, actors, Production Company and the co-operators in the movie. The whole title sequence in the form of animation, therefore it contains multiple images, but still very skilfully incorporates titles, not over the images, but either strategically placed in the animated background (e.g. ‘Tom Hanks’ title) or is drawn from the background by lines (e.g. ‘Christopher Walken’ title). This title sequence uses mostly long shots and establishing shots. This title sequence appealed to me because I was glued to watching the wonderful designs and animations of the credits, also it describes the topic of the movie, which is what a good credit sequence must do, but in a symbolic way - describe what it’s going to happen in the film, or what is going to be about. 

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