Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Filming and editing the card swap


Last thursday, with the story we had from the previous lesson, we could finally film and then edit our short sequence.  Me and Jazzine were the actresses in the short film, while Natalie and Vanessa took turns to film us.  There was quite alot of time wasted whilst we were deciding who should act, nevertheless, when the filming began, we watched a few playbacks of some clips to see how they looked, and weren't scared to voice our opinions about what we think worked and didn't work.  We tried our best to get loads of different angle shots for each shot, as we needed a minimum of twelve shots in total.

During our filming, there was quite alot of laughter but me and Jazzine tried our best to maintain any funny business until the end of the sequence so it could then be cut off when editing, and could even also be kept so at the end of our final film, we can look back and see how it was when we first began.  We ended up getting a range of shots and I was really happy with most of them, however, when we began to edit, it turned out that we hadn't taken as many shots as we thought we had.

Whilst filming, we tried our best to include all four shots that were required: extra close up; point of view shot; over the shoulder shot and a tracking shot, but failed to include the tracking shot.  We did plan to get a tracking shot around the table but never had anytime to get round to filming this.  


I've had previous experiencing with editing but on Windows Movie Maker and a little with iMovie.  I also had a little with final cut pro when we first edited the 'bait tutorial'.  We had approximately 23 shots filmed, so it was fairly easy to watch and see which ones we thought would go well together.  We never got the time to finish filming our intended ending sequence so we had to work with what we had.  To the left is a picture of all four of us watching the clips, and below is what we were watching at the time.

In my opinion, one element that worked well was the point of view shot(s), as it created suspense and looked very effective.  Another one was the extreme close up for the same reasons and I really love the use of binary opposition between me and Jazzine's faces.  One other element that worked well was the use of over the shoulder shots.  I think these 3 shots should be included in the final piece as I can see them working really well in the thriller gene.  3 things that didn't work so well: the way it ended, it could of been more clearer; the lack of sound didn't really help it to be exciting; and I think it could of been longer.

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