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Definition: Intertextuality is the term used to describe elements of film where they use similar referencing to another film. For example in "Scream" they have a person who has a famous white mask (Mise En Scene) who kills people. In "Scary Movie" although it is a parody of the film, they use the same mask as a reference to that film.

We focused on Alfred Hitchcock's famous film "Psycho" and its most famous "shower scene". There are aspects of that film which other films take reference from for example,The use of the knife to kill the victim and the camera shot that did a close up on the shower curtain coming off the fail one by one. 

The first film I watched was "What Lies Beneath". What happens is a guy carries a women in a night dress into the bathroom. He puts her in the bath whilst the shower is running.  Both have scenes based in the bathroom and the scenes characters consist of a man and women.  Although with the footage I was given it didn't display enough to say that the plot is "Man v Women" but we presume the figure in "Psycho" resembles a male and in "What Lies Beneath" we don't know what the guy has done to the women.

Second film was called "Fatal Attraction". What happens is that a women opens her front door and a guy barges through the door and attacks the women. The women run in the bathroom and then runs out quickly. Later she gets a large kitchen knife and tries to stab the guy who eventually walks away. The intertextuality used in this film is firstly the use of Mise En Scene for example going into the bathroom which is set out similar to "Psycho" and the large blade used to attack victims. The representation of Man v Women is presented clearly, however; roles were reversed halfway through fighting but no one got killed.

Third film was called "The stepfather", the scene were the lady (Sarah) was being chased by the man (David) into the bathroom and when confronted in the bathroom, Sarah stabs him in the neck. He stubbles backwards into the bath were the curtains pulls of and he slowly falls down in the bath. The elements taken from "Psycho" were the fact that the scene mainly took place in the bathroom. Another element was that the camera cuts in to the curtain rod where the hooks come down one by one. David then slumps in the bath. There is a strong representation of Man v Women however in comparison to "Psycho" the roles are reversed. 

The last film we looked at was called "Succubus" it was made by students. In the scene, a guy is in the shower and a women walks in the shower. Unbeknown to him she is carrying a  large kitchen knife.  She smells his jacket and then kills him. The position of the camera allowed us to see both the guy and the women walking in. Which creates dramatic irony, knowing she's in the room, while he doesn't. That's the same in "Psycho" because we can see the shadow in the shower curtain. There is a cut in to the shower head which is similar to the cut in in "Psycho". The blade used to kill was also similar. There is a Non-diegetic sound played just before and during her killing the guy which is similar to "Psycho"s famous  soundtrack. The element of Man v women is dominant however it the women attacking the guy. The shot reverse shots of the killer and victim are evident in both. The camera jerks and moves in time with the motion of the girl killing the boy. Similar to a hand-held quality. 

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