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Intertextuality in filming is when films reference aspects from other films.

Psycho (1960) a psychological thriller directed Alfred Hitchcock, has a famous shower scene, that contain a lot of aspects that many films have drawn reference from.
The shower scene from Pscho:

Here there is the Pysco aspect of the bathroom
 and the bath tub
One film that uses Intertextuality from Psycho is ‘What Lies Beneath.’ In the clip where intertextuality is used, a man carries a woman up the stairs while talking to her and then puts her in the bath tub while the shower is running. Once she is in the bath he stops the shower then runs the bath from the tap. Aspects in the clip that were borrowed from ‘Psycho’ are the running shower, bath tub, and man vs. woman where man is shown to have the most power.

Here is the Psycho aspect of the big
kitchen knife

Another film that uses intertextuality from psycho is ‘Fatal Attraction.’ In this clip there is a big fighting scene that travels throughout the house between a man and a woman. Intertextuality has been used from ‘Psycho’ through the borrowed aspects of, a bathroom scene, a big kitchen knife potentially being used to kill, and again the man vs. the woman.

Here again is the Psycho aspect of
the big kitchen knife
‘The Stepfather’ also borrows aspects from ‘Psycho’ in a scene where a man is chasing after the woman as she runs up the stairs into the bathroom locking the door he then breaks into the bathroom while holding a big kitchen knife and then the woman stabs him in the neck with a broken piece of glass. The man stumbles back and falls into the bath tub, ripping off the shower curtain trying to hold onto it for grip. Then he is left there to die. The intertextuality used in this clip is, the big kitchen knife, the close up shot of the shower curtain being ripped of the pegs, and the man being left in the tub to die.

Lastly we looked a clip created by students, but also incorporated aspects from ‘Psycho.’ In this clip a boy is taking a shower and in a cutaway a girl is seen from down a hallway walking towards the changing room where the bog is showering. She arrives in the changing room, this the boy is unaware of, and slowly approaches the shower, now in possession of a big kitchen knife. Throughout the clip so far the audience are shown continuous cutaways between the girl and the boys, creating suspense, as audience anticipate something bad. The girl then approaches the shower then kills the boy whilst he’s in the shower.  Intertextuality from ‘Psycho’ was created in this film where, the boys is seen taking a shower, and is unaware to the upcoming danger, the close-ups of the shower head, and the fact that the boy was killed whilst taking a shower. However in this clip although we have the borrowed aspect of man vs. women, unlike Psycho and the other films listed as examples, the man is shown as the victim instead of the woman. 

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