Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction to camera: SKILLS

Two lessons ago, we were finally allowed to get our hands on the cameras and use them.  We were told to sit in our groups so we could all learn the basic 'do's and donts' of using the camera.  Some of these include:

- DON'T forget the memory card inside the camera as this may allow others to access your work
- DON'T leave the camera unattended
- DON'T touch the lense of the camera
- DON'T use the camera if the weather may harm it, e.g rain unless protection can be provided

- DO secure the camera on the tripod so it's strapped tightly
- DO return the camera on time, as it may mess up the schedule for others
- DO use a media card when borrowing the camera

We were also taught about the important things on how to use the camera itself, how to insert the battery and memory card correctly, how to use the focus of the camera and change it (auto focus and manual focus), and how to adjust the tripod correctly.

After learning the rules of handling the camera, each group was given a task out of the three (a game of cards, reading a newspaper, or a bag swap) and had to plan in the lesson and film in the following lesson.  My group had to film a game of cards, and we had about an hour and 30 minutes to construct a storyboard.  We decided to have no speech at all in it, because we thought it would be more effective.  Sadly, we have no pictures of our storyboard, but the main thing we had to do was take a plain scenario and make it interesting on film.

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