Monday, 31 January 2011

Introduction to cameras: Skills

Before we were allowed to film we were taught how to use the cameras and keys things we mustn’t forget when using the cameras. These things were:
  • Ensure memory card is in and battery is fully charged before you start recording
  • Don’t touch the lens of the camera
  • Don’t leave the camera unattended
  • Don’t film in potential dangerous conditions e.g. in the rain
We also learned other things about the camera, such as, only touch the necessary buttons- record, zoom, focus etc, how to adjust the focus and how to adjust the lighting.
We were also giving some guideline of how to use the tripod. These were:
  • Always ensure the camera is properly adjusted and fixed onto the tripod, to avoid the camera dropping off, and also to get steady shots
  • Make sure the legs of the tripod are all balanced out, also to get a steady shot.
  • We can adjust the strength of the tilt and pan with the two knobs on the tripod.

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