Thursday, 20 January 2011

List of Thriler sub-genres

Thriller is a type of genre used in films that uses suspense and tension. A genuine thriller should provide thrills and cliff-hangers to keep the audience at the "edge of their seats" as the plot builds towards a climax.

The thriller genre can include the following sub-genres, which may include elements of other genres:
  • Conspiracy thriller e.g. Edge of Darkness
  • Crime thriller e.g. Silence of the Lambs
  • Disaster thriller e.g. The Day After Tomorrow
  • Erotic thriller e.g. Basic Instinct
  • Legal thriller e.g. A Few Good Men
  • Medical thriller e.g. Anatomy
  • Mystery thriller e.g. Unforgettable
  • Political thriller e.g. Rendition
  • Psychological thriller e.g. Red Eye
  • Rape and revenge films  e.g. The Last House on the Left
  • Religious thriller e.g. Angels and Demons
  • Supernatural thriller e.g. The Others
  • Techno thriller e.g. The Matrix
The sub-genre which inspires me the most is a psychological thriller as the conflict between the main characters is mental and emotional, rather than physical. This affects the audience in a deep and emotional way as they cannot relate to the killer. I would love this to be the genre of our group opening of a thriller. 

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