Sunday, 16 January 2011

List of Thriller sub-genres

Thriller movies use suspense, tension, and excitement as main elements. A successful thriller keeps their audience highly involved by having them sitting on the edge of their seats providing the audience with lots of thrills and cliff – hangers as the story comes to be dramatic climax. here are a lot of sub-genres of thrillers, which as seek to go about the same task. These sub-genres are:
  • Supernatural thrillers – e.g. What Lies Beneath
  • Psychological thrillers – e.g. Psycho
  • Crime thrillers – e.g. Déjà Vu
  • Action thrillers – e.g. Kill Bill
  • Spy thrillers – e.g. 007 Casino Royal
  • Sci-fi thrillers e.g. District 9
  • Romantic thrillers – e.g. He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
  • Political thrillers – e.g. JFK

One thriller film that inspires me at the moment is ‘I Am Legend’ (2007), a sci-fi thriller. This film inspires me because, other than the face that I am Will Smith fan, I Am Legend doesn’t follow the traditional rules of a thriller but, incorporates lots of different aspects of different genres into this one film; horror, action, romance/love, supernatural elements and disaster. While still being able to follow the rules and conventions of a successful thriller; lots of silence, murder/death, tension filled music, cliff-hangers, false plateaus, a dark mise-en-scene, and most importantly suspense.      

Here's the trailer for I Am Legend. Enjoy =)

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