Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sub-Genres of Thrillers

Thrillers tend to use suspense, excitement and tension as the main elements in most of their films.  Some say that if the film does not thrill, it's not a successful thriller.  They're also known to keep the audience at the edge of the seat whilst building towards the climax of the film - the audience must always be engaged!  The primary sub-genres of thrillers are mystery, crime and psychological.  Here are some more examples:

- Action thrillers such as 'Enemy of the state'
- Conspiracy thrillers such as 'Snake Eyes'
- Crime thrillers such as 'Seven'
- Disaster thrillers such as '2012'
- Erotic/Romance thrillers such as 'In the cut'
- Legal thrillers such as 'A time to kill' 
- Mystery thrillers such as 'Angels and Demons'
- Political thrillers such as 'Seven days in May'
- Psychological thrillers 'Shutter Island'
- Supernatural thrillers such as 'What Lies Beneath'
- Sci-Fi thrillers such as Momento
- Techno thrillers such as 'Virtuosity

One thriller film that inspires me is the 2010 supernatural thriller called 'Devil'.  One of the reasons why I love this film is because even though it's a supernatural thriller, the plot of the whole film is so realistic (people aren't always what they seem to be) and I also loved the way 5 people who didn't know each other were forced to work as a team in order to stay alive.  Another reason why it's such a great film is because of the setting.  The lack of props didn't affect the film at all, and even though there were glimpses of other settings, the main characters were all inside one small lift.  Adding to that, speaking from personal experience, I was literally at the edge of my seat.  It followed all the rules needed to be a successful thriller (deaths, blood, darkness, eerie sounds etc) and when it reached it's climax, it was totally unexpected, as you would never have thought the devil would of been the person it was - there were loads of false plateaus.  The film really plays with the mind and creates alot of suspense in such a small amount of space.

Trailer for Devil 

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