Monday, 31 January 2011

Thriller audiences

     31 thriller films were released in 2009, and 46 thriller films were released in 2010.  Action, comedy and animation account for 52% of the box office in the UK, whereas thriller only accounts for 4%.  I believe this is because action, comedy and animation are aimed at a wider audience as they are unisex and/or aimed at children.  Referring to the 'genre by gender' diagram, we can straightaway see what types of films are aimed at each genre, and what films are aimed at both.  I think thrillers only account for a small amount of people because loads of films are aimed at those aged 18 and over.  It's very rare for a thriller to be rated 15, however there are a few that are rated 15 such as:

- The Taking of Pelham 123
- The Stepfather
- The Shining
- Devil

However, some films are rated 18 such as: 

- Fatal Attraction
- Marathon Man

Some thrillers are even rated 12 such as:

- He loves me, he loves me not
- Jaws

I think the right age to aim my thriller film out is 15, just because it's the 'middle' age.  A good thriller film should contain the right amount of elements that will create the 'thrill'.  Furthermore, as most of us are 16 and 17, we may have more familiarity with thrillers rated 15.

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