Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thriller Sub Genres

Its been some time since I posted my last blog. My bad. In any case, the topic in hand in this blog is Sub-genres. 

To me a thriller is a thriller, there is no two ways about it. Its either a thriller or it isn't. After watching different "thrillers" like "Gran Torino", "Inception", "Stepfather", it has become more obvious that there is sub-genres. Here's my ever growing list of thriller sub-genres that I actually know of:

Action Thriller (2003)
  • Action-Thriller
  • Psychological-Thriller
  • Crime-Thriller
  • Romance-Thriller
  • Supernatural-Thriller 
  • Spy-Thriller
  • Comedic-Thriller
The common dominator in all of these is that they all create suspense and dramatic irony in different ways that conform to their sub-genre. 
For example: Crime-Thrillers have the original "who done it" storyline. Usually the investigators have leads but most of them are dead ends. Miraculously a lead would turn up which the audience already knew and catch the thief. 

Personally, I don't have a particular sub-genre I like, I am more interested in the plot and how it pans out. If I was FORCED to choose it would probably be Action-Thriller because they are adrenaline pumping films. They make me leave my analytical mind out the door and just watch the emphatic climax's they can sometimes create. 
However my list is relatively small compared to the lists of titles on different websites.
The first website below displays and explains the various other sub-genres. Some I have never heard of! Like, "Film-Noir"  which is basically a dark gangster film. You learn something everyday. 

On wikipedia they have an extensive list with examples.

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