Monday, 17 January 2011

Title sequence analysis: Memento

The title sequence allows the audience to gain knowledge on the creators and all who helped the making of the movie. Titles sequences can come either at the start or end of a movie, and the order of the information giving in the title sequence varies with different movies.
The opening title sequence of Memento goes as follows:
  1. Distributors – New Market and Summit Entertainment
  2. Production company – Team Todd
  3. Film Supervisors
  4. Name of Film - Memento
  5. Names of stars and actors
  6. Casting Directors
  7. Music Supervisor
  8. Costume Designer
  9. Editor
  10. Production Designer
  11. Director of Photography
  12. Co-Producer
  13. Co-Executive Producers
  14. Producers
  15. Screenplay Supervisor
  16. Based on the story by…
  17. Director

This title sequence inspires me because it gives all the necessary information, while the font used for the title sequence and the way it appears on screen, keeps the pace slow by slowly appearing and creating suspense, making it highly suited for that movie and its genre.

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