Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Card Swap: Planning + Analysis

We were given a brief that we have to make a card game seem interesting. When considering an 'interesting' card game, We considered our main 4 areas we needed to cover:

Mise En Scene
  • Cards 
  • Lighting, how dark the room will be.
  • The table cloth just to bring uniqueness. Hence why we chose Yellow. 

Unfortunately we had ideas that wasn't able to follow through, but these was some of the ideas we did have:
  • Digetic Sound: Enhance the sound of the players laying the cards. Just to create tension, and exaggerate the concentration of the each players. Almost the pin drop silence being disturbed by cards.
  • Towards the end a soundtrack would fade in at climax of the card game. Then end in a big crescendo.
  • No Dialogue add to the tense and dark atmosphere which we are trying to create.


  • Point of view shots
  • Reaction shots
  • Over the shoulder shots
  • Close ups/ Extreme close ups
  • High angle shots
  • Eye Level
  • Birds Eye
  • Establishing shots
  • Cut in

  • Shot reverse shot
  • Quick cuts to create pace
  • Equal amount of air time for both characters. 
  • Pace of editing
 In the limited time we had, we tried to shoot the scene from various angles. In total we have about 12 usable clips to make our short film. The hardest part was cutting our video to make the film seem seamless. Easier said than done.  Our story line was that player 1 + 2 are playing a card game. Player 1 lays down a death combo which ultimately makes her the winner of the game. The card sequence and arrangement of the cards before that made it difficult when we were re-filming the scenes. In each shot of the scene, a different sequence of cards are being laid. Therefore the film can't be completely seamless. We tried ever so hard to try and rectify the mistakes. Time was against us. We were unable to have the time to attempt to put Sound on out film. 

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