Thursday, 24 February 2011

Evaluation of Preliminary Film 2: Sound and Text

Last lesson we were able to add sound and titles to our match cut film. We used Soundtrack Pro to add sound to our clip, but at first we had a little trouble using Soundtrack Pro, seeing as the last time we had the opportunity to use it we didn’t fully understand the instructions given by the teacher and had little time to play around with it. But after a while of playing around with and asking teachers for help, we became more comfortable with Soundtrack Pro and started to enjoy it. We first focused on the diegetic sounds (sound effects) rather than the non-diegetic sounds (background music). We added diegetic sounds such as footsteps and doors opening/closing etc. We also incorporated some non-diegetic sounds like soft music fading in the background as the bad news dropped to try add comedic suspense to it. At the end of the clip we had violins that played that linked from the narrative and carried on once the clip had stopped so that we can put our titles in as the non-diegetic music played.
     We used FinalCut Pro to add the titles to our clip. We didn’t have many problems in getting the font and design as we had extra time in the previous lesson because we had finished editing early. However we did come across a problem in actually getting the titles to appear in the actual clip. FinalCut Pro kept told us our text was ‘un-rendered’, so we rendered it but it continued to tell us our text was ‘un-rendered’ after many try of trying to render it. We asked teachers for help, but they too couldn’t understand the problem, so we ultimately had to leave our clip without titles.

Us working in the editing suite doing sound and text

On the other hand I think our preliminary went very smoothly, and I believe we all learnt a lot from this, which would greatly benefit us in our final thriller film. I think we could improve for the final thriller opening title sequence film, by allowing ourselves to have much more time for sound because we with this preliminary clip we didn’t have enough time to properly focus on the non-diegetic music. So in order for our final thriller opening titles sequence film to be successful we will need plenty of time for the non-diegetic music.      
Soundtrack Pro with our work under contruction

Doube screen with us picking the sound to use in Soundtrack Pro

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