Friday, 4 February 2011

Preliminary Match Cut exercise - filiming and editing (part 1)

    In yesterday's lesson, with the animatic storyboard we had already created in the previous lesson, we began filming instantly.  Luckily for me, even though I was late, I arrived just as my group were beginning to film.  We decided that Natalie and Vanessa should act in this film and that me and Jazzine should handle the camera, as it was the other way around during our card swap film.  As there was loads of messing about during our card swap film, none of us wanted to waste the time we had so we really just got down to work. We tried our best to include loads of different shots, so when we got to editing we could see which ones worked best.  We finished filming just before break and had a bit of spare time so Vanessa and Jazzine exported the files onto Final Type Pro.  This made things easier for when we all got back from break. 
     During our editing process, we decided to divide the group in half to make things faster.  In my opinion it only requires 2 people maximum to edit a sequence, so me and Jazzine focused on editing whilst Natalie and Vanessa focused on sound.  Anabel then told us that we'd have our next lesson to add sound and subtext(s) to our piece, but we still thought it'd be good if we played around with the sound for abit as most of us had a weak knowledge of Soundtype Pro.  Towards the ending, we then swapped over so everyone could see what everyone had done.  Everyone was happy.  Next lesson should be fun and I can't wait to add sound and text to our piece.  I also aim to watch some tutorials to broaden my understanding of SoundType Pro.
    Editing has just began, timeline is very empty

 Editing coming to an ending - more clips on the timeline

 Two different screens we were working on.  Me and Jazzine working on the editing on the screen on the left and Vanessa and Natalie working with sound on the screen on the right.

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