Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Font analysis

   The font used in a film is very important as it represents the film itself.  For example if a film was going to involve loads of killing, you wouldn't have red font with love hearts as it just doesn't match the genre of the film.  I plan to think carefully about the font when making my opening, as I want it to really match the sequence.

    Whilst studying media at GCSE, I was told that the two main types of font used are 'sans serif' and 'serif.  The way I memorised which was which was by calling serif fonts old fashioned and san-serif fonts modern.  Serif fonts include fonts such as 'Times new roman' and 'Courier' and san-serif fonts include fonts such as 'Arial' and 'Trebuchet'Serif fonts also seem to look more formal and has the pointy edges, whereas san-serif looks more informal, and has no pointy edges.  In my opinion, sans-serif just looks more 'relaxed'.  

Neville Brody, successful graphics designer, typographer and art director states: 'FONT CONVEY AN EMOTION WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING TO SAY THE WORDS'.  I agree with this and I will try to remember this when making my own sequence.
A movie that put alot of effort into carefully choosing their font is 'Rocky'.  The poster uses the font 'Franklin Gothic Heavy.'  This font has connotations of strong, tough, and manly as it's big black letters.  It's also quite dominant, and I believe this was used because it symbolises the theme of the movie, even Rocky himself. 

Another film that spent loads of time on carefully choosing their font is 'Pearl Harbour'.  They use the font Palatino.  They use a serif font and this may represent that it's an old fashioned film, maybe formal too.

One other film is Avatar.  Avatar use a blue and dreamy font called 'Papyrus' and I think this was really effective as it's almost as if the fonts are about the 'future' or 'another universe'.  This really foreshadows the movie itself as it is a fantasy movie.  The choice of font was really smart now that I look back.

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