Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Font analysis

resume fonts
     Serif fonts

The fonts used in the titles for films are very important as size and/or the effect of the font can reveal the time period of the specific film. The font can also reveals its sub-genre, for example, love films tend to have curly, calming fonts to represent the romance. We will need to think very carefully about the text we are going to use for our thriller opening.

 Sans serif fonts
There two different types of fonts: 'Serif fonts' which are more traditional with the pointy edges (such as the fonts on the left-hand side) and more likely to be used in films set in the past such as 'Pearl Harbor'; 'San serif fonts' are more modern from its simple format (such the fonts on the right-hand side) and are more likely to be used in modern or futuristic films such as 'Rocky'.

Fonts need to be chosen carefully when advertising a specific film as the right font will immediately draw the audience in. The alone can reflect on the movie this is because 'font convey an emotion without actually having to say the words' as Neville Brody, a successful graphics designer and art director states.

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