Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hurtwood’s House Youtube site

I was browsing through Hurtwood’s media Youtube site and came across a thriller opening title sequence called ‘Redemption.’ I really enjoyed this opening because I thought it was very successful in creating suspense. I saw how it incorporated Alfred Hitchcock’s advice about giving the audience information, and this clip gave us information of him making a bomb and hiding the bomb into a teddy bear. Suspense she created because the audience feel the bomb is going to bring harm to someone, and this someone could even be a child, hence why it was hiding in a teddy bear.
     It also was reminded of ‘Se7en’ when watching this, through the use of a discrete structure of thriller opening, and images of hands a ‘dangerous work.’

From watching this I learnt ways I could I try to also incorporated Hitchcock’s advice and therefore create suspense successfully. 

Here their thriller opening title sequence, Redemption:

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