Monday, 28 February 2011

Introduction to cameras

The camera we will use for filming

Before we were allowed to begin filming with the professional cameras, we needed to know the basic skills and how to work the camera itself beforehand. The technician Mickey used a whole lesson to visually teach our class what we need to know. He advised us that within the lesson it was crucial to take in all of what he was going to demonstrate to us as these were the very cameras that we would be using. We learnt the following:

Digital camera battery
> A fully charged battery must be inserted into the back of the camera (opposite the lens) before filming > Two memory SD cards (labelled with our group number) must be inserted into the side in order to be able to save videos
> Never touch the lenses
> Always turn off camera if not in use
> How to change focus (manual/auto) in order to produce clearer shots
> How to zoom in and out by turning the wheel surrounding the lens
> How to view the videos previously filmed

We were also given a tripod which is used to keep the camera steady when filming. The tripod can also be used to pan and tilt during filming. We were also shown:
> How to securely fix the camera to the tripod
> How to adjust the height of the tripod
> How to adjust the strength of the tilt/pan

After all the basic skills were demonstrated, Mickey showed us the techniques used when filming:
> Make sure there is not too much space above the actor when filming
> Do not follow the actor when they move, instead just use different angled shots which could then be edited to create a match cut

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