Friday, 4 February 2011

Introduction to editing 2: FinalCut Pro

To edit our practice film we used a software called FinalCut Pro, which we will also be using in the final opening title sequence film. FinalCut Pro allows you to edit film, import and export videos, and special effects, such as transitions camera/viewing effects, and more things. This wasn’t my first time using FinalCut Pro, as I had to use in when editing the ‘Bait Tutorial’ so when editing this practice clip, although it was still difficult, it was so troubling. When I first used FinalCut Pro to edit the Bait Tutorial, it was really changeling, but after a while I got the hang of using it, with ‘I’ and ‘O’ as acronyms for in and out, I began to really enjoy editing and learning about how to get a clean edit and construct a clip with continuity.

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