Saturday, 5 February 2011

Introduction to editing

In order to produce a good thriller, a variety of shot may help but to keep the audience hooked, editing must be used. Other than music, editing makes a film look more thorough and professional but only the right equipment can produce high quality films. All the filming we will do later on will be edited on 'Final Cut Pro' which is an Apple software. Although this would be our first time editing our own shots, this is not our first time using 'Final Cut Pro'.  We were first introduced to the software in the 'Bait tutorial' around the time when we first started Media; we had to edit ready-made clips to produce a short story.

'Final Cut Pro' allowed us to produce quick cuts, match cuts, add transitions and many more. Using the program was quite challenging at first but once I got the hang of the process, it became quite enjoyable, however, I still needed some help when producing the harder tasks.
Here's a tutorial on how to use 'Final Cut Pro':

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