Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Livetype and Sound Track Pro: Skills

In this lesson, we were introduced to Sound Track Pro – software that allows us to produce music and get sound effects that we can add to film. We were meant to create music and get sound effects to add to our ‘cards game’ practice clip.
     For me, I felt this lesson we really rushed, and too much information to take in and re-create in one lesson. So unfortunately our group was unable to add any sound to our practice clip.
     When I do my opening title sequence, I intend on learning more about Sound Track Pro and how to use it, by doing things like; going to workshop, Youtube tutorial videos, asking around etc., so that my final opening title sequence can be the best it possibly can.

We were also introduced to Livetype - a software that allows you to explore with different fonts, and choose the one most suitable for your film. This introduction to using this software was alos rushed, and we didnt have time to put a title on our clip, so our group was unable to properly use Livetype. When we do our next clip, i plan to use Livetype and pick a font, design and transition suitable for my clip. In order to do this i again need to study and research Livetype, which is what i plan to do.

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