Friday, 25 February 2011

Practice film: Card swap - filming

In the previous lesson, my group had planned everything for the 'card swap' scene which is our first practice using the JVC video camera. Our brief was to film a scene where two characters are taking part in a card game. We had the first half of the morning lesson up to break time to film then the second half would be used to edit and add sound which is about an hour and a half on each.

On the morning of filming, we were all ready to film but had just forgotten to bring in a pack of cards and a table cloth. Vanessa went to get some material from textiles to use as a table cloth while the rest of us set up our setting in the classroom. Luckily, Annabel had a stack of card for us to use but we ended up sharing the cards with another group as there was not enough. We borrowed a round table and 2 chairs from the staff kitchen for our scene. Everything was ready when Vanessa came back with a yellow sheet of cloth for our temporary table cloth. However, we ended up wasting 30 minutes of the lesson not because we were unprepared, but because we couldn't decide who was going to be acting in it.

After our long quarrel, we got stuck into filming. We decided that Emily and Jazzine will act while me and Vanessa will film. We filmed a variety of shots including point of view shots, birds eye view shots and over the shoulder shots. Due to the problem we faced earlier, filming went through break but by the time break was over, our filming was complete.

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