Monday, 7 February 2011

Preliminary Match Cut exercise - adding sound and text (part 2)

     In today's lesson, since we had finished the editing in the previous lesson, all we had to do was add sound and text onto our clip.  There were still abit of confusions with using Soundtrack Pro, but we managed to work our way around them, or call Bernard for help.  It was a very relaxed lesson and I think it was a very good way for us to get more practice with sound.  I believe this whole match cut exercise was to get us into the habit of the filming and editing process, so we have enough knowledge when making our final piece.
     When we first started applying sound to our piece, we focused more on the sound effects rather than things like the background music.  So we first played about with sound effects for a door and for footsteps.  Towards the ending, we then focused on sound effects for a 'comedic suspense sound' and then focused on instruments (violins to be more precise) for the ending of the clip.  We then noticed that we could have some soft background music whilst one of the actors were speaking so we played around for abit until we found one that fitted the scene.  We also adjusted the volume at the ending of the clip (violins) so that instead of it just jumping in, it would rise from a low volume to a high volume to add more effect.
     Once we had finished with sound, we went on to add text to our piece, well attempt to add text.  We added scrolling text at the end of the piece to say who it was edited and filmed by, and we planned to put some text at the beginning of the clip to say who was starring in the film.  However, we had a problem with the text.  When we added it onto the film and played it from the beginning, it wouldn't show and it was saying we needed to 'render' the footage, but even when we rendered it, it still refused to work.  We did ask Bernard for help but even he couldn't understand why it wasn't working, so we just decided to leave the footage without text.
        From the way the filming had gone, I had an image of the clip being comedic.  I did actually want it to be thriller-based as it would prepare us more for our final film, but it turned out to be quite different. Nonetheless, the process of this exercise will still contribute towards the preparation for our final film. Notes for our final piece would be to learn how to 'render' our text and to know what type of sounds, we will need so less time will be spent searching for different types of sounds.

 sound was first added (left screen) and loads of different types of sounds (right screen)

 sound has now been adjusted to fit each section, and loudness of sound has also been adjusted to fade in from a lower tone to a louder tone.
   sound is all done and the final clip is exported onto Final Cut Pro, where we begin to add the text

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