Sunday, 6 February 2011

Preliminary Match Cut exercise - animatic jelly babies, storyboard and planning.

In this lesson we had to make a storyboard – using jelly babies – for a clip we were to make in the nest lesson. Our storyboards were made from still shots using a digital camera. We were told that our clips and storyboards had to contain a ‘match cut.’ A match cut a is a transition between two shots where an object or movement at the end of one shot directly matches an object or movement at the beginning of the next shot. This match cut had to be with someone opening the door and then coming in through the door.
     We took pictures of the jelly babies representing each shot. We included a range of different shots including: a eye level shot, one person in my group went down on the floor to take the picture so we get an eye level shot of the jelly babies, because the jelly babies had to represent humans, so we wasn’t going to use high angle shots. Long shot, when the jelly babies were walking in from the door, which then turned into a close up as the jelly babies got closer to the camera. A bird's eyes view, to establish the area, and a over the shoulder shot because there a very common and useful shot. Our group was very successful in ensuring we had finished the storyboard in good quality, in a reasonable time, so we then had more time to edit out shots.
     In the editing suite, we had to put the still images together to make a shot film clip, with FinalCut Pro. When we joined the images the continuity of the editing was good, but the duration of clip was too long, so we shortened it from ten seconds, to four, but it was still a bit too long, so we finally shorten it to two seconds.
     I think the reason why our group were successful in this project is because we had all learned so much from the first practice film we done and understood where we went from, and made sure we avoided those things this time around.
     However we still had some trouble in finding and assorting in final cut pro, as we kept accidentally putting all the pictures on the timeline, instead of just the one that we needed, we took up some of our time. To avoid this happening again, i will study up on using FinalCut Pro. 

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