Sunday, 6 February 2011

Preliminary Match Cut exercise – Filming and Editing Evaluation

In this lesson we had a chance to film and edit our preliminary animatic clip that we made last lesson using the jelly babies. Natalie and Vanessa decided that they would be in the final this time because Emily and I were in the film for the card swap. This way we all got a chance to use the cameras, and be in front of the cameras. Once we had got a room for ourselves to film in we started filming straight away, because we had learned from our last practice film, when we were discussing so much, what shots we should do, how we should start it etc., and this time we didn’t do any of that, we just started with any shot because we planned on taking many, then we could just put it all together when we edit. Although we got straight to it, during the process there was a lot of idolized chatter, consuming a lot of our time. However we were able to included most of the shots from our jelly baby storyboard and a few extra ones. We were able to finish a few minutes before break, giving us some time, so we imported the files onto our video drive - and we would have imported them onto Final Cut Pro as well except we were in another room, and we didn’t know which one yet - so that when we came back from break we would have more time.
     When editing our group decided that two of us should edit the film and two of us should work on sound, so me and Emily did editing and Natalie and Vanessa worked on sound. This way we would spare a lot of time next lesson when we do sound and titles, which again we would plan to cut the group in half, and two of us do one and the other two the other one.
     The editing went pretty smoothly, unlike last time when we had problems with the accuracy of elements within the shots. We were able to include not only one match cut, but two, and the shots were able to continue well from one another. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures during our filming, but we plan to take lots in our next filming.

I feel we much improved from our last practice film, because we were actually able to complete the film and edit - unlike last time - and with time to spare. However we could still have improved by being more focused and talking less about other things, something which much got in our way in the first practice film. Through this experience I hope to improve for the final title sequence film by learning from my mistakes, and trying to even better incorporate the things that worked well.       

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