Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sound & Livetype

When using Soundtrack Pro to add sound to our piece, I found it very difficult, and I'm sure the rest of my group did which was why we didn't have any sound added to our practice film.  I think it's because of the short amount of time that was spent on teaching us about it.  If a bit more time was spent on it, I think I would have a better understanding.  However, I did a bit of independent learning and found a tutorial of it on youtube.  It was very helpful and I would like to bring it to the group when editing our final piece so we all know and understand how to edit sound.

We were also introduced to Livetype which will allow us to create and add text.  I aim to get a better understanding of it, and just like the situation with soundtrack pro, I feel that more time could of been spent on explaining this more clearly.

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