Thursday, 3 February 2011

Soundtrack Pro and LiveType

Soundtrack Pro logo

LiveType logo

In our media lesson, we were introduced to 'Soundtrack Pro': the program which we will be using to produce highly professional music to our film later on in the project. This software allows us to produce music and sound effects to add to film to make it more interesting. We were also introduced to LiveType: the program which we will be using to produce text for the titles in our thriller opening. This software produces texts from all different sizes and fonts with added effects such as fading to provide videos/films with more detail or just for a prefessional look.

Unfortunately, I felt that the lesson was very rushed as our teacher wanted us to learn about both of the software within a lesson. Although we may not need to use these programs at the moment, it is essential we know everything before beginning our thriller title sequence. Hopefully we will be prepared when the time comes. 
Here is the 'Soundtrack Pro' tutorial below:

Here is the 'LiveType' tutorial below:

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