Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Title sequence: Arlington Road

Storyboard for opening title sequence of 'Arlington Road'

Two lessons ago, one of the tasks we were told to do was to go onto www.artofthetitle.com and this website contained many different film openings.  Earlier in the lesson, we had watched the opening of 'Arlington Road' and this caught my eye straightaway, so when I saw it on the website, I knew I wanted to write about it.

One thing that was really appealing to the eye, was the negative effect used on some of the pictures.  This automatically created suspense for me, and I found it quite unique as I don't think I've seen any thriller film use this effect before.  The sequence uses mostly close ups and wide shots, although there are one or two mid-shots towards the end.  Loads of tracking shots are also used  and this works really well especially with the negative effect and the eerie music in the background.  The titles say the production company, the editor, the producer and co-excutive producer, the writer, the actors, and the title of the film itself. The font used is medium-sized, bold and plain and I think the producers decided to use this type of font, so that there is some focus on the text, but more focus on the images.  The sequence as a whole is amazing and it makes the audience want to know more.  It also hints what the sub-genre will be, and this is what makes it a good opening.

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