Monday, 21 March 2011

Anuvahood: Suspenseful moments?

I know that Anuvahood isn't a thriller but it did have an element of suspense. 
The film's genre is UK-Comedy with cameo appearances from known UK artists. 

One suspenseful moment is when Kenneth (Adam Deacon) Finds collects a gun which wasn't meant for him but was under a bin. Which he later takes into his possession. This part allows the audience to hope and imagine what he will use it for. 

Another moment is where Kenneth is making fun of his friend's culture. However unbeknown to Kenneth his friend's uncle's are standing behind him. As the audience, we know that they are behind him and hope nothing happens. Unfortunately for Kenneth, he gets slapped around the back of the head as they walk pass. Comical as it is, it did have it's moment of suspense. 

Slightly off topic, I would recommend this film to anyone who likes comedy. 

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