Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Art of the Title Sequence: Scott Pilgrim VS the world

 "Scott Pilgrim vs the world" is a film that i have seen personally and thoroughly enjoyed. The uniqueness of this film is what sets it apart from others. 

First of all the production/distribution company "Universal" has a trade make sound track and visual effect. However, to suit the genre and type of film this is, they used pixellation on the logo to give it a old style game quality. The soundtrack had also been remixed to give it a techno-game look. Rather than it's original dramatic introduction using an orchestral sound. This instantly got me interested in the film. 

Secondly, the mixture if discrete titles and large titles on vibrant backgrounds and the start of the film. Makes me as a viewer don't know whether it's starting or not. The loud diegetic sound creates an overwhelming vibe.  In addition the diegetic sound becomes a non-diegetic sound bridge as it is still heard whilst the titles are showing. 

The fonts are very informal and have effects which i believe one of the is glow which is unusual from normal screen titles. Using serif fonts which are usually very formal in junction with the informal glow almost suggests that it is a tale of two halves. 

The structure of the sequence is inspirational because classically the titles would be shown before the film footage starts to play and develop. It is common in TV where they have a climatic opening then the theme song and opening title sequence starts. Therefore I thought this stood apart from other title sequences. 

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