Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Changed Pitch

Because in the previous lesson our pitch was basically rejected, we all had to think of new ideas. I think it was just the lack of motivation due to rejection, but we hadn’t really come up with anything. As all the other groups in the class was all out working on their film, and we were still sitting there dwelling on the pitch, Bernard decided to come and talk to us and give us some help and advice. After Bernard left we started discussing and we all decided we didn’t like that storyline and we taught of a new one. 
     For this opening we drew inspiration from ‘The Stepfather’ where in the opening the guy was changing his appearance. So we thought, why don’t we have someone change their appearance. At first there was some hesitation from some members of the group, because they believed this would just be copying. But then we highlight the idea of intextuality and brought up ‘Succumbus’, a student opening to a thriller, where the used intertextuality of the famous shower scene from ‘Psycho.’ After everyone came to terms with this idea we started making planning.
     In the opening a girl would be walking towards a garage carrying a bag, go inside, empty the continents of that bag, get changed and then leave the garage.

For the Mise en Scene, we would have two different costumes for the girl: a trampy outfit (the one she wears on her way to the garage) and business women outfit (the one she changes into). The garage would look homely as, the garage is meant to be her home/her sort of ‘hideaway.’ We also wanted the garage to be dark/dimly light to link to the character of this person. The props we would use would be: a bloody big kitchen knife (fake), a tool box (these two things she has inside her bag take she takes out), a big sports bag that she would be carrying with her trampy outfit, a smart bag, to go with her business outfit, and two phones, to show that she living a double life and she replaces one phone for the other, she puts down the phone she takes when she out in the trampy clothes doing bad stuff, and picks up the other phone which she takes to work and stuff.
     We planned to film in vanessa’s garage and Emily would be acting it in as it was during school and no one would be available.

We then started planning our storyboard and thought wisely, trying to include a range of camera shots and camera movements. The blog on our storyboard is just a few blogs previous.

After we had finished all our planning we booked a camera to film on Thursday and Friday because there would be no college due to year 11 interviews.

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