Thursday, 24 March 2011

Codes and conventions of a thriller film

A  code/convention is is a set of agreed, or generally accepted standards, norms, social norms or criteria, often taking the form of a custom.

The conventions of the thriller genre are to do with sound and editing. For example quick cuts and camera angle changes, music that gives tension and is passive when appropriate. It can also be to do with lighting, especially the use of shadow. Mirrors and stairs are also conventions of thriller movies.

The Mise en Scenes that is conventional of thrillers, are dark settings and also a claustrophobia location. For example, Snakes on the plane, Kill Bill 2, and Phonebooth.
Other conventions of thrillers include: sharp objects, male killers, death, blood, suspense, mystery, false plateaus, icons such as: knives, guns, random nots and pictures. Sound also use conventions with thrillers, such as: eerie, tension filled, loud sound effects and violent screams. The conventional representations in thrillers is someones who is not who we think they are. A conevtional opening for a thriller is a slow atmosphere or either starting with a big 'bang' e.g. Casino.

Heres a look of the trailer for Kill Bill Volume 2:

In this trailer we can see many of the conventions of a trailer. Dark lighting when using black and white effect, the suspense full music, lots of quick cuts, they’ve also used a slow pace at times, so contrast with the quick cuts, which is another convention of thrillers - this helps builds suspense also.

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