Friday, 25 March 2011


The opening of 'Stolen Identity' includes a range of jump cuts, match cuts, mid shots, wide shots, long shots, establishing shots, tracking shots, tilt shots, and panning shots.  We tried to keep the shots as natural as possible because we wanted the film to look as professional as it could.  Even though we're not professional film makers, the sequence still needed to look as real as it could.

Food colouring to represent blood on knife

Props used for the 'home-ly setting' of garage
Mis en Scene and props used were the kitchen knife (fake), food colouring for blood, tool box, sports bag, business dress, heels, and a casual outfit for the 'trampy look'.  Loads of other props such as washing products, and exercise equipment were also in the garage to let the audience know the character was squatting there.  Transitions such as 'cross dissolve', 'dip to colour', and 'ripple disolve' also contributed to our lovely effects between different clips, making it look realistic.  We did use a transition called 'additive dissolve' where a fiery effect was shown to introduce the title, but I don't think this harmed the sequence.  In my opinion, our sequence is 5 * quality, and I emphasise because I feel the need to.  The fonts, the sound, the filming itself - everything combined made me proud.

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