Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 3 of Thriller Rough Cut

Day 3 - Whilst the girls were editing I uploaded our storyboard and pictures of them editing. Once they had finished what they could on the rough cut, we uploaded it to the blogger site. However, we had problems just locating the film for starters.

The film was saved on the computer rather than the hard drive. We spent at least 15 minutes looking for it on the hard drive before we realised it was on the computer itself. After a further 10 minutes we were able to go on the computer and cut it to our video drive. I thought this was the end of our problems.

We tried to upload the film after a quick conversion to a Quick time movie file. Whilst uploading i later found out that i uploaded it wrong. As the file was taking ages to upload.
This is how it's meant to be uploaded:

- On Final Cut Pro export file > Quick time
- Load the file on Handbreak > iphone/i pod touch size (or something along those lines.)
- Mov. file > Mp4. file

Note: Mp4 file is smaller and more manageable than a mov. file (movie).
- Upload Mp4 file to Blogger.

However I had done :

- Final cut pro exported the file using Quick time converter
- Uploaded file straight to Blogger.

I missed a whole stage.

Eventually, We got it uploaded to blogger.

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