Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 4 of Thriller Final Cut

Today in our 1hour and 45 minute lesson we tried to address the issues surrounding our discrete titles/titles and editing. The programmes we used today were:
- Final Cut pro
- Live type

First issue we wanted to address was the "Lionsgate presents" title because we were suggested to move the title further up. We did but in order to get the right size and hight we had to remember the number of the size each title was. In the end we gave up and done an approximation. So, Jazzine rendered it on the film.

Next we moved on to the director title we disputed whether to move the title or leave it. In addition we believed that all of our titles we too short. However we were told maximum time they stay on is 3 seconds.  I wonder why? Anyway, We decided to leave it and move on.

We disputed over our editing of the first scene with the establishing shot and point of view shot. As most of us believed that the footage for those first 10 seconds were way too long. So we wondered how to tackle this issue. After much deliberation we decided to use jump cuts and ellipsis. Ellipsis is used right after the establishing shot which adds to the factor of time moving on. We used Jump cuts and cross fade effects in the point of view shot to move time more faster and try to make it seem seamless. I believe we achieved this quite well.

Next we tried to put in more titles in the parts allocated. However there was a discrepancy about one shot which supposedly had a flicker of light. We disputed whether to use that as a background for more titles or take it out completely and leave a gap for the titles, subsequently making it a black background. We called for 2nd and 3rd opinions from our teacher and others in our class. None of them could see the flicker of light apart from Emily and Natalie. However, Jazzine later realised it was there. Until watching it at home is when i saw it. So i do believe the flicker is there, but not noticeable. In the end we decided to leave it as some avid watchers may spot it, some may not.

I failed to mention before that we did find a shadow of the camera and tripod stand. Without Jazzine, mentioning this we wouldn't have known. But we believe it isn't soo important to take out as it isn't hugely noticeable.

We were unable to completely finish our editing of the film so we will leave it till wednesday (2 days later) to work on it before putting sound on the finished product. I believe Natalie made a great sound track to the footage and I am looking forward to listening to it for the first time.

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