Thursday, 17 March 2011

Editing - day 3

Today we had a three hour lesson with Annabel, and it was just me, Natalie and Jazzine.  Jazzine was very pleased with the full sequence constructed the previous day, although we were still contemplating if we should use the establishing shot as the opening scene, or if we should use the point of view shot.  Jazzine thought that the establishing shot would be good for titles, but I thought that it was too long and dragged on for too long.  Once our first title was added, I saw that she was right.  We added our production company 'Lionsgate Films' over our first shot as a title over narrative.  It worked really well, however, we still included the POV shot.  This came after the establishing and this again worked well once the titles were added.  I began to see the opening as an actual opening of a thriller film, I was just so pleased with EVERYTHING we had done over the past six days.  For the first half of the lesson we focused on where the titles would be placed, and still editing the sequel itself, and in the second half of the lesson plus lunch, we were just working on adding the titles.  Our shots looked amazing, the text made it look even more professional.  Annabel watched our rough cut before we had finished adding the text, and she was pleased with what she had seen.  Total opposite of last week as I was totally stressed and miserable about everything.  Now that our rough cut is complete, I can't wait to actually complete the thriller opening with all the elements needed.  We have our sound already, but as we wanted one or two more sound effects, we decided to not add it onto the rough cut, and we also wanted to focus more on adding some text.  I'm very proud of my group and what we've done, I really appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into everything, such as editing in our spare time.  Our rough cut edit is on the blog below and we have some pictures of us editing on a blog below too.  Here are some pictures that I took whilst we were editing

Here's the shot of my name appearing as the main star

Here's a shot of our clip when we first introduce the actors 

This is a picture of us 'rendering' our file

Here we were playing about with what font to use

Here's the font we decided to use - 'Copperplate'

On the right screen, we went back to one of our blogs to find the way 'Memento' structured their opening titles

On the right screen we have all our clips, and the left screen is us watching the sequence

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