Monday, 21 March 2011

Editing - Day 4

In today's lesson, we went straight down to editing.  We aimed to complete all the titles, but we never got around to finishing them.  We're planning to meet up on wednesday lunchtime to finish them so that we can use our three hour lesson on thursday to focus on sound.  Bernard watched our sequence and he thought it was fine, just that the beginning took a bit too long to start.  He advised us to cut the establishing shot and point of view shot shorter, and add cross-fades and cross-dissolves to not take away the effect too much.  As it was getting to the end of the lesson, he offered to just shorten the clips for us himself, and with the rest of us being tired, we told him to go ahead and do it.  First we saved the file we had, so that if we didn't like what he had done, we could just not save it.  Our new sequence is much better, and the beginning doesn't drag on too much.  The rest of the group all agreed to keep it with the way Benard had edited it, so we saved it.  I'm glad that he came and advised us to slightly change the beginning, now it looks more like a beginning of a thriller film.  Jazzine had also come up with the idea of constructing a questionnaire about the rough cut and giving it out to a couple of people.  We decided to give it out to 5 people each and then blog about our different results, and during our lesson on thursday, we would come together and make a final conclusion about all results together.  The questionnaire consists of 6 simple questions, and I think this is a good way to get people's opinions on how effective our rough cut actually is.  Adding to that, we finally decided on the name of our film.  We had previously decided on 'Identity' but Bernard suggested 'Stolen Identity' or 'Identity Theft'.  We decided to keep it as 'Stolen Identity' as it has a ring to it.  Below are some of the pictures I took during editing.

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