Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Editing - Day 5

Today during lunch, me, Jazzine and Natalie got together to finish off our titles.  We planned to do this in monday's lesson so that we could focus on sound in thursday's lesson, which would then leave us with a completed film.  I was a bit worried as I was the only one in the room at first, and failed to get in contact with the rest of the group.  Luckily, Natalie rang me and came to join me not long after, and then Jazzine joined us.  We added on the remaining titles, but are still left with just one to, and that's the actual name of the film.- 'Stolen Identity'.  Jazzine and Natalie couldn't stay till after 1.15 and I didn't really wanted to be left alone with Livetype as I'm not really comfortable with it, so we decided to just put on the last title in tomorrow's lesson.  I'm looking very forward to the next lesson, I can't wait to finally add the sound onto our sequence.  The deadline is now just two days away but I have a lot of faith in my group, and I can't wait to see the outcome of the complete thriller opening.  Below are some pictures I took whilst we were adding text.

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