Thursday, 24 March 2011

Editing - Day 6 (FINAL DAY)

Today the whole group came together in our three hour lesson to finish off the final thriller opening.  I was really worried because last night whilst blogging, I realised that I hadn't returned the video drive to the technician's office, and left it in the media editing suite.  Luckily, someone else had returned it and all our work was safe.  As planned, we finished off our last title 'stolen identity' and then focused on sound.  I expected to spend about half an hour on the title and then the rest of the lesson on sound, but we ended up spending the first half of the lesson on the title, and the remaining half and lunch on sound.  This didn't bother me though, as we had the majourity of our sound done, we just needed the sound effects.  We decided to use a different effect for the title and it was called 'float away'.  There was some discussion about whether to change the title font or not, but we decided to keep it the same and to just increase the size.  The ending of our film wasn't long enough for the title to stay on, so we added a freeze frame of the wall, and added a transition called 'additive dissolve'.  This gave a fiery dissolve into the freeze frame before the title appeared.  Our sound was AMAZING, just like I had said on a previous blog.  We added in sound effects of footsteps (heels), a garage door opening and closing, a box being slammed onto a table, and three dramatic sound effects for me appearing in the garage, me giving my 'sinister' look, and the title of the film appearing.  Annabell had advised us to take it as our deadline was today, because there would be so many people editing tomorrow that we might not have a chance to.  My group had originally planned to finish our opening today anyway, and we did.  Below are a few of the pictures I took whilst we were doing our last piece of editing.

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