Thursday, 24 March 2011

Editing - Final Day!

Today was our three hour lesson with Annabel – our lesson day to edit our film! Our group already knew that today we will be doing to last title, which was the name of the film, then finish sound and we will be done. As soon as all of us got there we began straight away.  We went on to Livetype to work on the title. We already decided, from when we were putting the sequence together that we were going to put the name of film, title of the wall at the end. So in Livetype to make the title sort of look like it had been written on the wall, we tilted it at the same angel as the wall. I think it was a good idea to put the title on the wall, because it more creative, rather than just putting it against a black screen or something. We used to same ‘Copperlate’ font (Bold), but we had it much bigger and changed the effect from fade in to float away. This would help the name of the film title to stand out, just that little bit more.  At first we played around with different effects, but ‘float away’ was the best one for it.

After we finished with titles we started on sound in Sound Track Pro. We had the main sound done; all we need to really do was add sound effects. We added a garage door opening and closing, footsteps on concrete, and dramatic sounds for things like; when Emily took out the knife, appeared on the screen and when the title of the name of the film. I am really proud of the sound track our group produced, it’s really powerful in producing suspense and it really suits our film. We also done transitions in sound track pro, where we allowed some noised of fade in and out, which helped slow done the pace of our sound.  With our last title, we added a sort of electronic sound because when we were editing the font in Livetype we wanted to use a flashing effect, but it wasn’t working out right for us, so this was another way we were able to translate that same effect.

We all worked through lunch and break and were able to finish our final film today. Hard work and perseverance pays off. 

Our final film is a few blogs previous :)

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