Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of final edit

Today in our media lesson, we all had a chance to complete our thriller title sequence within three hours. Annabel told us all to finish everything today as the editing suite would probably be very busy tomorrow which would be plenty of time for us to complete ours; we just needed to create the title of the film (Stolen Identity) before we put the entire scene with our ready-made sound/music. We spent the first half of the lesson working on the ending as we were deciding how and where to place our final title onto the brick background. This proved to be quite difficult the ending of the scene wasn't very thorough therefore we freeze-framed the shot of the wall, added some effects before and after the freeze-frame and then we added the title onto the scene to create a smooth finish.
   In the second half of the lesson, we embedded our finished sequence onto soundtrack pro in order to add sound effects and to put the music (which I had produced a week earlier) in time with our sequence. We added intense music to suspenseful scenes such as when Emily suddenly appears in the garage and when her identity is finally revealed in the end. We also added diegetic sounds to scenes such as the garage door opening and closing, slam of the toolbox (we chose to use the actual sound produce by the toolbox) and the footsteps of Emily's high-heels. Lastly, we chose an electric/technical sound to accompany the flashing effect that comes before the last title.
   And after 2 days of filming and 9 days (excluding weekends) of intense editing, group 34 has completely finished our thriller opening the day before the actual deadline. All that needed to be done was to submit our sequence and for a few of our peers to give us their feedback. Annabel was the first to watch our finished result which she said was lovely. We got excellent reviews from those who watched our sequence, most said they enjoyed the music because it was 'suspenseful' or 'scary'.
   Overall, I am very proud of every single member of our group due to their tremendous contribution to our thriller. At the start of this project, I never thought we would be able to produce a title sequence as high standard as it is now. In fact, I believe we did even better than I though we could. Now all there is to do is to wait for April 5th, when we will watch our own production on the big screen!

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