Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of final film – 1

Today we uploaded our final film –Stolen Identity - onto blogger, and it was like I uploaded all my stress with it as well! At first I saw huge potential for this group, we were all so hard working, enthusiastic and motivated. But when it became time to actually start, and we had to do a pitch, I began to lose hope. Our pitch just kept being rejected and I think most of us were just ready to give up. Thank goodness we didn’t, because we were able to do a complete 180 and put this whole film together in a short amount of time including the piitch and storyboard. I am proud of my group and of all the hard work we put in collectively to produce this film. I think our final film is really good, and I look forward to when we go to the cinema on the 5th April, so we can collect more feedback – positive and negative. Personally I really like when I get constructive criticism because it shows how I can improve, if I always received positive critics I would think that there’s no room left for improve and always stay in the same position, never getting better. So when we go cinema and we receive feedback although I would like some positive comments, i would really appreciate the critics – as long as it’s coming from a good place. And I appreciate the constructive criticism I received from the rough cut through the questionnaire. It was in that, that we were able to acknowledge where our rough cut worked, and where it didn’t, and were able to improve it for the better.  

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