Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of Rough Cut – 2: Audience feedback

Our group made a questionnaire which we gave out to our target audience to generate their feedback from our rough cut. I think this was a good idea because it allows our audience to communicate with us and tell us how we can appeal to them, our target audience, and be successful. Sort of like a film screening - which I've been to a couple of times. We didn’t think to questionnaire should be long, just 6 questions would be enough, because our audience wont be so reluctant to answer if there is a little amount of questions. I asked media and non-media students, so that the results may be more representative and also to see the feedback of people who are not looking out for something in particular, but are just watching to watch, so I can see if it is effective.

I put each one of my results into a graph (expect for question 6 as it is an open question), here are the results: 

Q1) On a scale of 1 to 5, how effective is the opening 10 seconds?

Q2) Do you like the font of the opening titles? If no please explain why.

Q3) Does the setting look appropriate for a thriller?

Q4) Do you see a story developing out of this film? If no please explain why.

Q5) How suspenseful was the opening title sequence?

And question 6 was optional for extra comments.

The biggest feedback I got back from these questionnaires mostly that the fonts were effective, but they didn't understand the storyline, and that it isn't suspenseful. I don't think that it matters much that the audience couldn't see a storyline emerging because in a lot of films, it takes a while before i understand what the storyline actually is.
     The criticism that the opening is suspenseful would be very worrying if, we had our sound up already. One person wrote its not that suspenseful because "The suspense build up and then nothing happens." Another person wrote "There is no disruption/conflict in the opening sequence which will tell us basically what the story is about. I don't see where it is going." Because we don't have any sound up, a lot of the suspense is taken away, because sound is very crucial in creating suspense. Sound can draw attention to suspenseful things and also in a way explain the storyline. So i think that our final will contain a lot of suspense.
I am thankful for all the comments - positive and negative that i recieved through this questionnaire. I plan to go back to my group with it and improve my film.

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