Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation of Rough Cut - 1

In today’s lesson we were able to upload a rough cut of our opening sequence onto the blog. I personally think that we done really well on our rough cut, especially considering that we only had a week to put it all together. We didn’t get to finish the sequence with full sound and titles, but I think it holds potential to be good opening once we’ve added on the missing elements and worked out the kinks.
     We didn’t include the soundtrack we already started making onto the rough cut because we were running out of time and hadn’t finished making it. So we thought it was more important to upload the sequence with a least some titles, and decided to work on getting the titles done first.
     We weren’t able to put on all the titles on because we ran out of time, but I like the titles so far, and I am very enthusiastic to see how we will put the rest of the titles up. At least in the rough cut people are able to get an idea of the style of how all the titles would appear. The fist title 'Lionsgate' also needs a minor adjustment. Annabel advised that we should move the ‘Lionsgate’ title further up in the sky, so they clouds are surrounding it, other than behind it. I agree with this because the ‘Lionsgate’ is able to gain more focus and it looks more clear and neat.
     I did notice some faults in some clips, such as: dim lighting and unwanted shadows. I believe it harmed our film, but I don’t think it destroyed it. We will just have to work harder on other elements such as sound and titles to try and over ride those mistakes.

The clip of our rough cut is just a few blogs previous.

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