Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation of rough cut

On thursday, we posted our rough cut on the blog.  I had a lesson at 1.15 so I left the rest of the group to post it on the blog, and I heard there was quite of a struggle with it, as it wasn't saved on the video drive.  Luckily, they realised that it was on the computer that we had been editing on, so they sorted that out. I was very pleased with it, and I showed it to a couple of people.  Their feedback was good and even though it wasn't fully finished, they could see that the finished piece would be great.  Our total sequence came up to 2 minutes and 12 seconds.  We've managed to use a range of match cuts, wide shots, mid shots, a point of view shot, a tilting shot, an establishing shot, and more.  The rough cut shows opens with an establishing shot of the sky, in which we have the production company appear first 'Lionsgate Films presents'.  We used the font 'copperplate' and 'Lionsgate Films' was in bold, and 'presents' was in a normal font.  This worked really well against the background, and even though it was the colour white, it didn't clash at all.  The sequence then goes on to show a point of view shot, and the name of the director appears in the same font on the floor.  I don't really want to talk the whole of it, as it's on the blog itself.  We managed to start the titles, I think we got 5 of them done, and we got up to the name of the cast members.  We didn't manage to get any sound on, however, we have managed to construct the majority of our sound, but we do need to add abit more sound effects for the suspenseful bits in our opening.  One thing that stresses me out in the rough cut, is the shadows of the camera and the tripod.  There's a part of the sequence where I'm in the garage, and I'm getting my toolbox and knife out of my bag.  Whilst filming, we must of put the spotlight BEHIND the camera, because the shadows of them are both seen.  It's not really visible because most people that had watched it, didn't see it, and I didn't see it until Jazzine mentioned it to me.  There's no time to re-film it, but I think it'll be alright.  Both Annabel and Bernard never mentioned anything about it when they watched it, so I guess they didn't spot it. Overall, our sequence is sorted out.  All that's left to do is finish the titles and add the sound and we intend to do that during our lessons this week, and anytime spare time when the whole group is available.

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