Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation of Rough Cut

In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised that way our thriller opening title sequence come together.
We were able to use a black screen with titles, to break up some of the scenes which made it all the most exciting to watch. As the anticipation from the audience to see what's next will be heightened.  

What we did good:

- I believe we captured the concept of our film in an interesting way. Instead of giving the whole story on a plate we revealed as little as we could to entice our audience. 
- The angles we did get were executed to a good standard. As we did use our tripod to steady the camera. 
- The use of discrete titles worked to our advantaged as the footage was dark enough to put a light white font on top. 
- The font of the title was serif which indicated the seriousness of the film. 
- The use of panning, tracking, mid-shots, cut-ins, Long shots, match cuts, point-of-view shot and establishing shots.
- Used the location to our advantage.
- The use of transition effects such as cross fade, and fade in and out on the titles. 

What we could improve on for next time:

- More camera angles. Due to time constraints we weren't able to acquire more shots as I would of liked to have done a high/low angle shots, eye level shot, over the shoulder shot. 
- Allocating more time for filming. 
- Used more editing techniques such as; jump cuts and quick cuts.
- Editing more tighter by not leaving a shot on for too long for example; the establishing shot after the Lionsgate title has gone.

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